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Everything You Need To Know

Kiss My Mutt Training offers private one on one sessions for you & your dog.

Servicing throughout Toronto, sessions can take place in your home or within the trainers home.

Each session is 1 hour each & includes lifetime contact support - we recommend starting a group WhatsApp chat in your dogs name for any questions, updates & training videos.

Man with his golden retriever


For a 1 hour session, follow-up notes, on-going contact support (send videos for me to review, questions & updates), the investment is -

Zoom Session - $100

In-My-Home Session (Toronto West End) - $150

In-Your-Home Session - $180


* Cash or E-transfer accepted

* Sessions can take place almost anywhere in Toronto - please include your preferred location when booking. This could be in your home or in a park.

* Sliding scale & payment plans available upon request.

Stephanie Durante with rottweiler and pitbull

Our Methods

Kiss My Mutt Trainers believe all dogs are capable & deserving of learning in an environment that fosters feelings of safety & autonomy. This means we will not recommend any tools or methods that inflict fear or pain onto your dog.

We are dedicated to continued education in Animal Behaviour, and Applied Behaviour Analysis, ensuring we are using up to date, humane, evidence based methods.

We recognize the importance of relationship, communication & leadership between guardian & dog.


How Can We Help You?

Kiss My Mutt Training trainers have worked with dogs of all dispositions, ages, breeds & behavioral challenges.

Aggression, anxiety, reactivity & everything in between is what our trainers work with on a daily basis.

Out intention as your dog trainer is to bridge the communicative gap between you and your canine companion.

Synchronicity comes from mutual understanding & communication, which fosters ease & cooperation.

Our promise is to always consider what is in the dogs best interest. Combining the dogs needs with your goals, we will formulate realistic action plans to ensure everyone is comfortable, progressing & safe.

Behaviours always have an underlying function or a need trying to be met.

We focus on meeting that need in ways conducive with training to eliminate the manifested behavioural issues at a realistic pace to the individual.

Person with their dog contemplating work from home

How Can You Help You?

Training requires your consistency & commitment.

You are responsible for creating the relationship you want with your dog.

Together we will determine what blocks & skills are required to integrate into daily practice with the relationship between you & your dog.

We are here to support you, but at the end of the day, you are responsible for making the changes necessary.

It's also important to remember that training your dog is just as much, or more, about your own learning & ability to listen to your dog.

What People Have To Say About Kiss My Mutt Training

Kiss My Mutt Training has helped thousands of dog owners create clarity & ease in their relationships with their pup.

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