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About Us

Kiss My Mutt Training recognizes your dog as a sentient being.

We acknowledge your dogs emotions, drives, unique personality & we understand that they always having a reason for behaving the way that they do.

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Kiss My Mutt Training believes in ongoing education in animal psychology & behaviour.

Our methods are grounded in positive reinforcement & LIMA (least invasive minimally aversive) techniques.

Stephanie Durante

Owner & Lead Trainer

Stephanie has an extensive background in animal behavior - from studying & graduating Animal Behavior College, Canine Correspondence Studies, as well as multiple other courses with animal behaviorists & world renowned trainers.

Before opening up Kiss My Mutt Training in 2015, Stephanie worked with multiple different rescues, both as a trainer & adoption coordinator. She also worked as a groomer, dog walker, daycare supervisor, volunteered in vet clinics & more!

Over her 10+ years of working with animals, as well as a lifetime of caring for her own dogs, cats, birds, snakes, farm animals & more, Stephanie is familiar & comfortable working with dogs of all behavioral challenges.

In her spare time, Stephanie loves hiking & camping with her dogs, ecstatic dance, yoga, meditating & learning about human/animal psychology.


Diane Forsey


Diane's love of working with dogs began at a young age, volunteering at her local animal shelter.  

When Dallas came into Diane's life, she struggled to fit into the human world. Working with Dallas inspired Diane to pursue a career in training which led to a year long apprenticeship with Stephanie at Kiss My Mutt. 

Diane works with humans and their dogs to shape strong relationships, built on trust and communication. 

She believes in using science based, humane training methods to shape behaviours that allow the dog to be successful and fulfilled, while addressing the goals of her clients.

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Has Kiss My Mutt Training inspired or evolked change in your relationship with you & your canine?
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