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Unleash Your Dog's Best Potential

Bridging the communicative gap between dog + guardian


Are you ready
to actualize your training goals?

Many pet parents feel mentally, emotionally & physically exhausted trying to train their dog. Not even certain they're on the right track. Take the guess work out of getting the results you've been striving for & allow one of our educated & ethical trainers to help guide you.

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Your dog has great potential - regardless the age, breed or history.

The only limiting factor is the limits we project.

Show up for them & your dog will show up for you.


Mischief Managed

Training begins as soon as you bring your puppy home - your puppy is constantly learning from you & their environment. Being informed & intentional with how you live life with your puppy will greatly effect your outcome!

Leash walking, potty-training, teething, jumping, socializing, obedience, leash walking - we're here to support you on everything you need to know to help your young dog become a well-adjusted companion.

Aggressive dog german shepherd barking lunging

Behavioral Challenges

Anxiety, aggression, reactivity & hyper-arousal may show itself in many different ways.. on walks, when guests visit, resource guarding, etc

Your dogs ability to feel safe in the world requires your guidance.

Our trainers will teach you how to train your dog to overcome some of the most stressful things for a pet parent to manage.

2 dogs on a hike with trainers walkers

Train the Trainer Program

Are you passionate about dog training? Our Train the Trainer Program is perfect for aspiring dog trainers, dog professionals who are looking to expand their skills & anyone interested in diving deeper into animal behaviour.

Learn from our expert trainers and gain hands-on experience in a supportive environment. Join our program and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming an informed dog advocate.

The Path to Success

Every dog has their own quirks & every family has their own set of needs.

Creating a plan works for you & your dog is essential for a harmonious & cooperative relationship.

Whatever you're feeling stuck on, we're here to help.

Dog pulling on leash

One-on-One Training

Training your dog comes down to your relationship & your communication with your dog - which is why it is important for both you & your dog to be present during our sessions.

We will cover a combination of theory, discussion, & hands-on practice.

Sessions can take place at your preferred location (most of Toronto), my neighborhood (West end of Toronto), or virtually!

Typing Together

Life-time Support

After every session, you will have new training exercises & adjustments to be made.

The quality of your practice will determine your success.

That's why we offer virtual support between appointments for any questions, concerns, updates or videos you would like us to review!

We recommend starting a group WhatsApp chat in your dogs name so we can talk all things Daisy!

Best Friends

Our Philosophy

At Kiss My Mutt Training, we believe in sustainable & ethical results.

This means that we use modern dog training methods that focus on treating the root cause of behaviours - not just the symptoms.

We value helping pet guardians better understand their beloved companions so they can guide them through life proficiently.

Our methods are most aligned with

positive reinforcement focused, LIMA (least invasive, minamally intrusive), relationship based training.

We believe in structure, setting the dog up for success, boundaries & much much more.

Meet the Team

Our team values creating a comfortable training environment for the learners - the dog & their humans.. as well as on-going education, harmonious relationships, animal welfare & creating long-lasting positive outcomes led through

compassionate, modern training.

Meet the team


Rottweiler obedience

Where do I start... Steph helped us get our boy a life! When we first rescued our guy he was big, strong and not socialized. He was scared around people and dogs which came across as him being very out of control. Steph taught us that he wasnt aggressive, he just lacked confidence.. In four months he went barking lunging and growling at other people and doggos to having successful calm walks, going into pet stores, being in a doggie daycare with a house full of doggos! He is happy, we are happy! We still have growth and confidence to build but steph not only has helped us build a strong foundation for him she gained our confidence to teach him and give him the best life to learn,grow and love! Thanks steph we can't explain how much we are thankful for you! There are no words! Our family owes you so much. Xoxo

dogs fighting playing

My new rescues were best friends then all of a sudden wanted to kill each other.
A few amazing sessions later they can be in the same room comfortably and even started playing again!
I have lots of experience with dogs I’ve worked and volunteered with them for years but Stephanie taught me things that didn’t even occur to me. She’s so patient and puts things in the most clear instructions. She clearly has a gift and loves dogs and only has their best interest at heart. Thank you Stephanie you’re amazing 🥰🥰🥰


Stephanie is AMAZING! She has an incredible talent for understanding what both the dog and their owner needs. She has taught us what amazing results can be achieved using positive, force free reinforcement training. I have a Lab mix whom I adopted. Soon after the adoption she acquired fear based reactivity towards other dogs, Stephanie was able to guide me as to how to help build confidence in my pup and I saw an unbelievable transformation. My fearful anxious beauty has begun demonstrating more confidence. In a recent session, my girl was able to walk happily next to another dog, with no signs of anxiety. Twyla also LOVES 💕 Stephanie from day one, with all her fear and trust issues, she greeted Stephanie with an exuberance that she shows with no other person to this day. Stephanie has a special way with dogs and the connection is instant. She is always available to answer any questions or to talk about when you get stuck. All the successes that Twyla has had I owe to her incredible training. Twyla and I both highly 100% recommend Stephanie and Kiss My Mutt Training to get the results you’re hoping for.

Get in Touch

It's never too early, nor too late to work on your dog training goals.

Call, text or email us to get started today!



Servicing Toronto & some surrounding areas.

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